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Genicular Nerve Radiofrequency Ablation for Knee Pain

“I can’t go on living with this pain!” Gilbert, as we will call him, was a 48 year old man…

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Treatment of High Impact Chronic Pain: Responding to a critical consequence of the opioid crisis

Simply writing more than a week of opioids for an injured worker can double the risk of disability at one…

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Pain Management:  It Just Makes Sense

Recently, I attended a Workers’ Compensation conference where there was a discussion regarding which physician specialties should be included on…

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Pharmaco-genetic Testing: Reducing drug costs and improving outcomes

Pharmaco-genetic Testing Reducing drug costs and improving outcomes: Prescribing decisions based on biochemical profile A patient with chronic back pain…

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Alternatives for Opioid Tapering

Opioid overuse in the treatment of acute and chronic pain has been a well-established issue which has created many problems…

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Drug testing for opioid medications

Drug testing of patients receiving opioids for treatment of pain is not only an important clinical tool to assure patient…

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The Rizor Institute

The Physicians Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists is excited to announce the launch of the Rizor Institute, a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation…

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