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We’ve all been there…


You’re out doing something you love when pain in the elbow rears its ugly head and spoils the moment. If every time you swing that racket, do a bicep curl, or bring out the driver you feel sharp pain in your elbow, you probably have Tendonitis. This is the deterioration of tendon tissue caused by repetitive movement. Although it may be a good excuse for why you shot over 100 at the golf course last weekend, it can be a real pain in the…well, you know.

Well, dust off that old tennis racket friends, because we have good news! Chronic Tendon Pain has officially met its match.

The Physicians Spine and Rehabilitation now offers the Tenex Health TX® procedure-an FDA approved procedure and a breakthrough technology that is changing the landscape of treatment for chronic tendon pain.

This procedure uses Ultrasound and the Advanced TX MicroTip® technology to remove damaged soft tissue while stimulating the regeneration of healthy tissue, effectively relieving pain at the source. A minimally invasive procedure, it has been found to be just as effective as open surgery, with no stitches required and ¼ the recovery time.

Tenex Health TX® reports that more than 85% of patients find that they are pain free within weeks of the procedure, and that many feel relief almost immediately. A true one-time procedure, no follow up treatment is required. Since 2012, more than 50,000 Tenex Health TX® procedures have been performed in the US, and 99.9% of those procedures have been performed without complication (Tenex Health TX, 2017) *

Our doctors in Atlanta, Marietta, Rome, and Calhoun would be happy to discuss this treatment option with you. Appropriate patients have been suffering from pain for over 3 months.

Are you tired of pain sabotaging your life and looking for a quick and minimally invasive way of getting relief? Look no further! Book your consultation with one of our physicians today.

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